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Businesses of all sizes could be paying too much for water supply and removal due to waste. A Water Audit conducted by Aqua can find where money can be saved and give you a good idea of payback time; some of which could be immediate and with no investment required.

We can also calculate your emission output from water usage, good for larger businesses which are required to report carbon emissions as well as smaller businesses who wish to understand their own carbon footprint.

Potential Savings

With potential saving of tens of thousands of pounds a year, depending on the size of the business, Aqua provides a water audit with a full report on your water usage broken down by area and system.

With your consent we check your bills and cost out savings that can be made including payback periods set against any investment required. We can liaise with your supplier and arrange for meter readings and more.

You may be paying unnecessary sewerage charges, or you may have a leak that you are totally unaware of that is costing you thousands of pounds a year and could be affecting the foundations of your properties.

Carbon Emission Calculations

Additionally, whether you are legally obliged to report carbon emissions or just want to reduce them as a responsible business, we can calculate what they are, and by reducing water usage we can help bring down carbon emissions.

It takes energy to get water to your site and remove or clean it, something that it almost always overlooked.
For smaller businesses we can provide you with a more appropriate service whereby we will visit your site, assess your water usage and provide you with a short report on where you can realise savings.

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