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Factsheet 1 - Educational Establishments

Whilst children are at much lower risk of contracting Legionellosis, rare cases have been known, and if any child suffers from a compromised immune system through respiratory problems, diabetes etc., then the risk does increase, as it does for adults. However, it’s not just children in schools and teachers, parents and visitors are at a higher risk level.

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Factsheet 2 - Accommodation Providers

If you provide accommodation of any description, whether it be paying guests for a short period in a hotel or a caravan/chalet, rental properties or staff accommodation over longer timeframes, they will be using your water systems and they are therefore potentially at risk of contracting Legionellos.

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Factsheet 3 - Health and Care Sector

Most fatal cases of Legionnaires’ disease, or indeed infection in the first instance, are with people who have a reduced immune capacity. It stands to reason, therefore, that GP surgeries, hospitals and care homes are in the front line when it comes to the importance of having safe and wholesome water supplies.

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Factsheet 4 - Facilities Managers

Businesses and organisations large and small where people are present on a daily basis and there is a water system, without exception, MUST have Legionella risk control and management in place. Legionella cases increased in the UK by 177% in the 6 years through 2013 to 2018 (inc).

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Factsheet 5 - Sport & Leisure Facilities

Not all people who take part in sporting activities are young and healthy, many exercise to become healthier and avoid growing older in poor condition. Leisure facilities are associated with more sedate pastimes and generally speaking we don’t associate these activities with catching a fatal disease, but don’t fool yourself!

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Factsheet 6 - Golf Clubs

We consider golf clubs to be in a category of their own for Legionella control warranting a dedicated factsheet separate from our Sports and Leisure sheet as it is really both. Also, importantly, it is more likely that many people who play golf could fall into the most susceptible categories.

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