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Your Home. Your Water Supply.

Not every home is connected to mains water. Some homes rely on their own private water supply. You may be one of the thousands of people across the Lake District, Cumbria or Derbyshire areas that get their water from non-mains sources and require water extraction.

This could be harvesting rainwater collecting river water, borehole extraction or pumping water from a well or spring. Whichever method is right for you we will advise you on the best way to collect and store your water.

Providing the Right Treatment.

One of the issues of a private water supply is that it isn’t always safe or pleasant. We take time to get to know you, and your water treatment needs. We design filtration and sterilisation kits for you that will ensure the water you use holds no nasty surprises.

Another issue of non-mains water supply is variable or low pressure. If you are suffering from poor water pressure we can install a water pump set that enables better pressure to be built up delivering a consistent flow on demand.

As a family run business, we know how important it is that the people you care about are safe. This means that once we deliver what you need we are always a phone call away if you encounter any problems or need to ask further questions.

We also make sure that every year we’ll send you a service reminder, just to check things are ok and undertake simple maintenance.

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