Morecambe Carnival

Aqua Engineering are founding partners of the Morecambe Carnival

Managing Director David Brayshaw always had fond memories of the old Morecambe and Heysham Carnival. As a child he could remember it was a highlight of the summer season.  The Carnival attracted huge crowds and created a real sense of community spirit.

Morecambe’s Memories

Sadly the Carnival fizzled out in the 1980s.  As Morecambe’s own post war heyday became a distant memory.  One night, David was out with some friends.  Conversation turned from Morecambe’s memories to what could be done to give the community a real boost.

That was in 2013.


Since 2014 Morecambe Carnival has provided a free family fun weekend.  It attracts crowds of over 50,000 people.  Not just from the local area but from across the country. In addition the Carnival has attracted the attention of local businesses and media who share a desire to boost Morecambe.  Many local people help support a great event for the benefit of the community.

As a result this has snowballed into attracting national businesses and entertainment figures who want to help and perform at the event. The effects have been mind blowing as the local economy benefits and the community spirit soars.

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Mega Crowds

The 2017 Morecambe Carnival attracted 56,000 visitors from all over the country and generated £3 Million for the local economy.

Team Effort

David and Carla continue to spearhead the Morecambe Carnival Organising Committee – a volunteer team working for the benefit of Morecambe.

Dancing in the Moonlight

The 2017 Bay Live Stage Show featured more amazing acts from all over the UK including Union J, Martine McCutcheon and the incredible Toploader.

It has been difficult. The balance between working in our business and working on Morecambe Carnival is a constant juggle but it has been worth it. To see the smiles on visitor’s faces, to feel the community come together and know that all the small businesses’ tills ring through the Carnival weekend.

We’re proud of our involvement and sponsorship in such a successful event that has put our community on the map for so many people. It’s our way of taking practical action to give something back and leave things a little better than we found them.

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