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Save Time on Your Properties’ Water Safety and Maintenance

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We know that when you are managing a property the demands on your time can be great. You have to ensure that you are legally compliant. Not just to protect you from the law but to protect your tenant’s health as well! If things go wrong you need prompt action to be taken. With more properties come more demands.

Trusted Suppliers

The solution is to find expert suppliers that you can trust.  Let them take care of the needs of a property and copy this across each property you manage. Then you can focus on managing the suppliers.

We have considerable experience of working with landlords and lettings agents.  So we can provide the documents and service you need to keep the water supply of all your properties  clean and safe.

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Get The Legal Compliance You Need For Your Property

No Contracts

We take the hassle out of managing the maintenance and safety of each property’s water supply.  Without the need for a service level agreement or contract. We focus instead on growing our understanding of your properties and building a great business relationship with you.  

As a result we can save you time and worry. This approach has worked successfully for us over the 21 years we have run and allows us to flourish along with our customers.

24 Hour Response

We are proud of the service we deliver. We are a local, family business covering North Lancashire and the Lake District.  So we can promise a 24 hour response to any problem that may occur.  As a result you get peace of mind, legal compliance and the time you need to deal with other demands of your properties.

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Save Time on Your Properties’ Water Safety and Maintenance