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When it comes to Legionella Risk Assessment every business wants two things. First, to stay legally compliant with the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health). Second, to ensure the water used by staff, clients and customers is safe to use.

An outbreak of Legionnaires Disease can affect your staff, put your customers at risk and shut down your business so handling the risk assessment shouldn’t be simply a paper exercise.

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Our legionella risk assessment ensures everything is covered for the protection of the people that matter to a business and the legal obligations of a commercial building. Unlike other legionella risk assessment providers, we are local water specialists in both commercial use and water hygiene. We understand the practical needs of a business when it comes to assessing, controlling and reporting Legionella risk.

No business premises are exactly the same and you won’t get peace of mind with a template approach. We visit your business site, find out what your needs are and examine the premises to identify all the risk areas.

Our risk assessments not only document the risks but also introduce easy to use reporting and control schemes. It includes clearly identified tasks and a site specific log book to ensure your business premises is protected from the threat of a Legionella outbreak and stays compliant with the law .

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Legionella Risk Resources

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Aqua Engineering has prepared a series of FREE factsheets on the key risk factors for different industries.
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