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Get Peace of Mind About Your Premises’ Water Safety

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Providing a great customer experience to your guests means you need to be 100% confident about your water supply. But every bathroom, swimming pool and sauna you have on site increases the chance of problems.  These problems include the risk and impact of any biological or chemical contamination. Therefore you need peace of mind that the risks are managed.  And the ability to reassure your guests that their safety is a priority.

If things do go wrong you need to be able to call on someone you trust to take action.

Peace of Mind

We have provided that peace of mind and prompt service to hundreds of hotels and leisure facilities across North Lancashire and the Lake District.  And we have been doing so for over 25 years. We provide you with the expertise, documents and service you need.   To keep your guests safe and your premises on the right side of the law.

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Get the Reassurance and Legal Compliance You Need

No Contracts

We also take the hassle out of managing the maintenance and safety of your location’s water supply.  Without the need for a service level agreement or contract. We focus instead on growing our understanding of your site and building a great business relationship with you.

Allowing you to focus on your guests’ visit and enjoyable stay.

24 Hour Service

We are a local, family business and promise a 24 hour response to any problems that may occur.  This means you have reassurance and legal compliance.

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Get Peace of Mind About Your Premises’ Water Safety