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Water safety information for business reopening after COVID-19 lockdown

The closure of businesses during lockdown period in the UK began has presented a very real risk to business owners across the country. Water systems which have seen significantly reduced usage for a sustained period of time, especially during warm weather, are very likely to see an increase in bacterial activity, including that of Legionella; an exceptionally dangerous water-borne bacterium.

For simple hot and cold water systems, regular flushing through with fresh mains water may be sufficient to prevent a significant increase in bacteria. For larger buildings however, especially those with tanks, showers, and more complex pipework, a much more extensive flushing, cleaning, and disinfection may be necessary.


The unchecked presence of Legionella in a water system brings a risk of infecting staff and customers with Legionnaire‚Äôs Disease. Legionnaire’s is an extremely debilitating disease and its seriousness should not be underestimated. Infections can often leave people deaf or blind, and in extreme cases lead to comas and brain damage.

What can I do?

We strongly urge business-owners and managers who are in any doubt as to the compliance of their water systems to contact us. We can provide a comprehensive risk assessment for your business and, where necessary, complete a chlorination of your water systems to guarantee the safety of your customers and employees.


Our sampling and treatment services adhere to the standards of ISO 19458:2006 and BS 8558 and, upon completion of a chlorination, provide your business with the appropriate certificates to attest to these standards.

Reopening businesses may be required to provide certificates as evidence to local authorities to prove their water systems are safe for customers and employees to return.

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