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Your Business Water Safety

We understand that as a business you might not even be thinking about the safety of your business water supply. Yet outbreaks of Legionella occur every year. In 2015 there were nearly 400 cases reported, an increase of 13% from 2014.

We are here to provide your business with peace of mind. About the safety and security of the water that is used at your business premises. For over 21 years we have been giving businesses just like yours the training, the tools and the products to stay legal and protect your staff and customers from harm.

When there is a problem or a question, you want someone you can trust to act quickly.  Providing the expert guidance you require.  Or taking action if there is a problem. We are a local, family business that ensure we are always there for you.  When you need us.

Not Every Business is the Same…

… so we treat every customer as an individual. We like to nurture our business relationships becoming a reliable and familiar part of our customer’s business operation. This allows us to not only fix problems as quickly as they happen but ensure that there is a plan in place to reduce the chance of problems happening.

Who we work with
Balfour Beatty - Aqua Engineering
Cumbria Council - Aqua Engineering
Lancashire County Council - Aqua Engineering

We have helped many different types of businesses with their commercial water supply over the years. The most common can be found above. Whether that is a series of managed properties, a single leisure operation or a chain of leisure premises, hotels with pools and spas or business premises that need to stay compliant with the law.

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